‘Princess Mononoke’

Direction : Hayao Miyazaki

One of the most beautiful story, backed by faultless animation work.

‘Hotaru no Haka’

Direction : Isao Takahata

Two brothers have to do the unspeakable to get ahead because they cannot count on the help of anyone else and we soon empathize with both his determination and her charm, but these are hard times and that is something that the animation film does not happen at all. for high. You are warned.

‘The Incredibles’

Director : Brad Bird

One of the heights of superhero cinema that also came at the right time. A wonderful exploration of these types of characters through a peculiar family that also has a great villain and a lot of fun.

‘The worlds of Coraline’

Director : Henry Selick


It took Selick many years to demonstrate that he could make an essential work of animation film without the “protection” of Tim Burton, but when he did he hit the mark with an animation film that tackles darkness in a seductive way and immerses us in a universe. dark without affecting too much in it except when the scene requires it.


Then it also shines, but in general everything works wonderfully, including the combination of stop-motion with 3D, being one of the few animation films that really took advantage of this latest technology during the years in which too many animation films wanted to take advantage of the plus in the inputs that were supposed to use it.

‘Monsters, Inc’

Direction : Pete Docter, David Silverman and Lee Unkrich

The charisma and charm of Mike and Sulley already guarantee you a minimum of quality as could be seen in the prequel, but here their overwhelming contribution had many more allies, Boo standing out above all, so adorable that we all wanted to take her home. In addition, a splendid universe is created and beware of the extraordinary final leg with the roller coaster of doors , an excellent evolution of the airport scene of ‘Toy Story 2’.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Director : Henry Selick

The enormous popularity it achieved in certain circles ended up provoking the rejection of some, but let’s be fair and admit that it is a true marvel in every way, from its amazing designs to its precise and delicious script, passing through a gallery of unforgettable characters, for not to mention their great songs and quirky sense of humor.

‘Ponyo on the cliff’

Direction : Hayao Miyazaki

An adorable rereading of the little mermaid in which you may not risk as much as in other Ghibli works, but in return everything works so well on screen. In addition, it squanders that unique imagination of its manager in a more accessible way than usual but without giving up its unique style.


Direction : Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava

It is easy to stay with the much commented scene of Anton Ego, both for what it represents and for its brilliant execution, but it is that before we had already been offered a real delight from a premise that can generate many rejections – a rat making me food. That is saved through a measured rhythm to achieve the effect caused in everything, an impeccable inclusion of the most comical moments within the evolution of the story and an absolute control of its most emotional facet.

‘South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut’

Director : Trey Parker

The series had not yet reached its maturity when it was decided to make a movie and it is a shame that it seems that there will never be another, but Parker and Stone made the most of the more irreverent side of the series in this surprising musical – I still remember to a mother leaving the cinema with her son at the very beginning- with an irresistible hook.

‘Toy Story 1 & 2 and 3’

Toy Story Director : John Lasseter
Toy Story 2 Director : John Lasseter, Ash Brannon and Lee Unkrich
Director Toy Story 3 : Lee Unkrich

The best animated film trilogy that will soon cease to be with a fourth installment that generates both curiosity and doubts about the possibility of maintaining the level. The first was the letter of introduction to everything that made us fall in love with Pixar, the second brought back what could have been a disastrous sequel in a brilliant way and the third was the icing on the cake and the one that reached us the most with its final stretch.


Direction : Pete Docter and Bob Peterson

A wonderful adventure based on two opposing characters with great chemistry and an endearing talking dog that many despise because, obviously, it is not at the level of its masterful first minutes. If so, we would be talking about the best movie in history, but what comes next is still at a very high level, not like in ‘Wall-E’, whose first act competes equally with that start of ‘Up ‘but then he lowers the bar considerably.

‘Wallace & Gromit. The Curse of the Vegetables’

Direction : Nick Park and Steve Box

After a series of nice short animation animation films, he maintains a somewhat predictable account of them, but their creators already handled their characters so well that everything is extremely funny. An animation film that is especially recommended for the youngest members of the household, but with an unusual number of incentives for the rest in this type of production, especially everything related to homages to horror animation films.

‘Your Name’

Director: Makoto Shinkai

Its striking starting point catché the viewer along the way and offering an exciting show that many connected with great ease.


Direction : Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush

A detective plot very well spun and developed with a touch never seen in an animation film. To that you add two characters as well drawn as Judy and Nick and what you have left is the best Disney movie since the 90s.

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