Direction : Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman

A wonderful reminder of the great talent of Kaufman in an animation film that aims to remove certain emotions that we have inside that few animation films dare to touch.

anomalisa 2

He also does it without ever renouncing bitterness so that his message connects more strongly in a viewer who, yes, will have to enter both his visual and argumentative bet in order to fully “enjoy” it.


Direction : Ignacio Ferreras

An impeccable adaptation of the exceptional comic by Paco Roca that addresses Alzheimer’s with delicacy but great conviction. With the exception of its epilogue, everything works wonderfully in this story set in an asylum with a wonderful gallery of characters who first win your heart with the charm and laughter they provide and then reach another level when the dramatic becomes foreground.

‘Basil, the superdetective mouse’

Direction : John Musker, Ron Clements, Burny Mattinson, David Michener

A wonderful variant of the Sherlock Holmes universe with a top-notch villain. One of the most effective mix of adventure, humor and suspense.


Direction : Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina


A delight for the senses with which Pixar returned to the front line after a series of animation films that did not quite live up to what one expects from the studio. A celebration of Mexican culture that wonderfully explores everything related to the day of death.

‘Chicken Run: Farm Escape’

Direction : Nick Park and Peter Lord

Aardman’s first animation film remains to this day the best that has come out of a studio that is based on charming and charming proposals but that often fails that last push to sneak into the biggest. Here the freshness of the proposal, which combines very well the tribute to ‘La gran evasión’ with a peculiar sense of humor, impeccable dialogues and a vibrant final section, prevents that from happening.

‘How to Train Your Dragon’

Direction : Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders

The best Dreamworks movie to date and that has nothing to envy of Disney magic. A story with a lot of charm that is based on the peculiar relationship that is established between the protagonist and the dragon that unexpectedly crosses his path. A splendid adventure with majestic flight scenes. I have no problem with an animation film that would surely rank among my 10 animation films of all time. By the way, its sequel is also at a very good level , but it does not give it to enter this list.

‘Inside Out’

Direction : Pete Docter and Ronnie Del Carmen

inside out

This is one of the best Pixar animation film. An animation film that always hits the mark, both when it opts for comedy -there are many hilarious moments- and when the inevitable dramatic turn associated with the changes that Riley is going.

‘The Lion King’

Direction : Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff

A huge animation film that has left a multitude of moments recorded in the minds of moviegoers, starting with that marvelous prologue to the rhythm of an unforgettable song, like many others throughout its footage. Visually impressive, hilarious when proposed and with just the right dose of darkness – how underrated Scar’s song is – so that we take the threat more seriously than usual.

‘Ernest & Célestine’

Direction : Benjamin Renner, Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar

A tender and endearing animation film with an exquisite animation work that bases its charm both on its two delicious and complementary protagonists and on a simple family-style story. One of those sweet tapes that not only do not end up cloying, they manage to connect with the viewer in a way that seems easy when it is very difficult to do so.


Direction : Sergio Pablos


A joy comparable to that sensation conveyed by having a hot chocolate in good company on a winter afternoon.

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’

Director : Travis Knight

Laika’s pinnacle work so far, an animation film that makes the most of her tight budget – $ 60 million – to offer a unique visual show that takes full advantage of stop-motion animation.

‘Beauty and the Beast’

Direction : Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise

An impossible love story developed. Even the Hollywood Academy fell at his feet, making it the first animated title up for the best picture Oscar.

‘The famous invasion of the bears in Sicily’

Direction : Lorenzo Mattotti


An animation film that is at the same time a story told in a fresh and simple way but that then knows how to go beyond the usual happy ending, also managing to keep the adult viewer hooked at all times. It was a resounding failure at the box office despite being a great animation film on all fronts.


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