Another great animation studio decided to shut down in 2021

More than ever, the bad news in animation industry has come more often these months. Besides the news of a big name such as Blue Sky studio shutting down, another breaking, heart-broken news of Netflix-feature-production studio – Tangent Animation’s failure to keep running as usual shocked us all.

Tangent Animation, a studio in Toronto and Winnipeg, announced of their shut down lately. The unexpected news came as a shock to all of us. This studio was known to be working on multiple feature film projects for Netflix earlier.

There are about 400 people worked between Tangent’s two locations. And all of a sudden, the studio announced to shut down production and lay off everyone.


In an unexpected events, the animation studio Tangent Animation is laying off the entirety of its incredibly talented workforce. Many colleagues working in animation industry tweeted about this incredibly sad events.

Jorge R. Gutierrez – Series creator, director and exec producer
“This is heartbreaking. I wholeheartedly adored working with all the brilliant and ridiculously talented artists, artisans and producers at Tangent.”

Ton Roosendaal
“Devastating news, I’m very sad to hear this. My heart goes out to everyone at Tangent.”

The animation studio history and development

Though being established not too long ago in 2014, the animation studio, Tangent animation, had a chance to produce feature film for Netflix, known as Next Gen and co-produce Ozzy. Both films help Tangent animation to stir buzz in 2018 at Cannes and get noticed by Netflix for a deal value of $30 million.

NextGen_tangent animation

Next Gen

Tangent animation was known widely and regarded highly after the release of “Next Gen” on Netflix, a well-received animated feature. Next Gen is a story of a friendship of a teenager girl with a top-secret robot, which turns her life from loneliness into a thrilling adventure.

next-gen_tangent animation2

Next Gen

Some sources say that Tangent had involved and finished the very last steps of its work assigned for producing Netflix Original – Maya and the Three. This is known to be the next big project of this animation studio for the last few years.

maya-and-the-three_tangent animation

Netflix’s upcoming Maya and the Three

Due to release this year’s fall, Maya and the Three is a story about a nine-part family fantasy-adventure set in ancient Mesoamerica.

Netflix’s upcoming Maya and the Three

maya-and-three_tangent animation


Tangent animation rode high on success, and the animation studio’s amazing work was a staple for animation lovers worldwide.



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