Tiktok with the highest growth app as magnet to new and younger audience

Tiktok’s algorithm gives every first-time creator a chance: the chance to appear in trending, and if the audience respond well it gives you a bigger view and engagement.


How Tiktok creator monetize?

There are many ways to monetize on-platform.

Opportunities like brand partnerships or the Creator Fund under which Tiktok has pledged to distribute $1 billion to creators in the U.S in three years time. There’s also live streams, where people can donate or just support creators as fans.
Otherwise the views and followers make their way to other platforms like Instagram, which also increases a creator’s value as KOLs or Mis. The larger your audience, the more value you have to brands wishing to work with creators. For example, creators with 600,000 followers on Tiktok will automatically receive lots of brands contact and opportunities for monetization. Selling merchandise from their personal brand on Tiktok is antoher easy ways for creators to monetize.

What about the audience on Tiktok compared to other platforms?

Creators shared that their best posts ever on Instagram or Facebook were tiny compared to the numbers of attention and exposure they get on Tiktok! So much more huge, massive young audience.

Youtube’s new Shorts platform

Tiktok is increasingly become expansive in terms of users ad views per day. Its rapid growth makes other platform as Youtube more decisive for new app release to compete with Tiktok high growth – Shorts platform.


In May 2021, Youtube announced about its new initiative of funding $100 million for creators on its new Shorts platform.


Shorts platform is created to compete with Tiktok in terms of allowing its users to create up-to-60-second videos which will share common features with Tiktok app. The platform has been rolled out to 100 countries after trial in one country. Shorts videos informed that it got 6.5 billion daily views worldwide.

Creators for shorts platform will receive payments as a way to entice creators. Youtube is now investigating the best way to measure engagement on the new platform. The fund reward contributions of anyone who creates original content on the platform and received the most engagement and views. Till date, no one knows exactly what metrics will be used to formulate the reward amount for creators.


Its key distinction is that it’s connected to the vast Youtube library so Shorts creators can borrow audio sample from almost any video on Youtube and they can easily send the viewer to the original video just like Tiktok sounds.

Some feedback from shorts creators includes better filters and editing tools, which is the strengths and competitive advantage of Tiktok app.



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