Skydance Animation – animation studio led by former creative head of Pixar and Disney

Skydance Animation was launched in 2017 as a division of Skydance Media.


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Skydance Media was founded by David Ellison – the son of Oracle founder – billionaire Larry Ellison.


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It is led by the controversial John Lasseter, the former creative head of Pixar and Disney, and Holly Edwards, a veteran producer and production executive formerly at Dreamworks Animation.

Skydance Animation, known for its hand in the “Mission: Impossible” and “Star Trek” film franchises released by Paramount, has sold many of its productions to streaming services during the pandemic while theatrical releases have been financially untenable for movie studios’ big-budget films.


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Skydance Animation is pursuing a larger strategy to move beyond traditional platforms to make movies for streamers after finding success with two Netflix hits, 6 Underground and The Old Guard.

Apple TV situtaion

Like other streamers fighting for attention, Apple TV+ needs more content to attract young audiences. By the end of last year, Apple TV+ released animated feature “Wolfwalkers.”

It also unleashed kids TV series “Ghostwriter,” and the cartoon “Snoopy in Space.” But to date, Apple has released just one animated feature Wolfwalkers.


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Although available in over 100 countries, Apple Streaming has rolled out a noticeably meager amount of content compared to other streamers.

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Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ pour resources into expanding their online animation and family-friendly offerings. Netflix in July bought the rights to a Skydance action-adventure film starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Shawn Levy.

The deals of acquiring animated feature films and animation TV series

Apple and Skydance Animation have closed a multiyear partnership. Today, the studios have given a first look at the two animated films that will premiere on Apple TV+, “Luck”


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and “Spellbound.”


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Apple has also ordered two seasons of an animated series from Skydance Animation, “The Search for WondLa.”


The deal will give a boost to the tech giant’s streaming service.


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