As SVOD is booming and more and more streaming services on a battlefield for acquiring more clients, one of the biggest differentiators between services is the quantity and quality of the titles in their catalogue. Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services are ushering in a golden era of animation, with both adult and children-oriented programming.

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The increasing demand for unique content for all of these platforms is also driving the creation of animated shows and, as a result, the need for more animators. Veteran animators claim that demand for their work is higher than ever before. Because animation does not age as quickly as live action and always has a new audience of pre-schoolers and other young children, it is a desirable form of material.

Animation Studios Thrive With Larger Contracts from SVOD Clients

According to Variety, Chris Prynoski, president/owner of small animation studio Titmouse, “there’s more animation work now than ever.” He discloses that “more than half of the programming the company is developing is for web-based platforms,” including Amazon Studios and Netflix shows.

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Tara Sorensen, Amazon Studios’ head of children’s programming, said that “animation is a format that works extremely well for SVOD.” “It also goes well globally since it is easily dubbed,” she adds. “Every three to four years, a preschool audience effectively regenerates.” That seems appealing to us.”
“We’re doing so much work for SVOD firms right now, it’s insane,” Prynoski added. Because Netflix requests 10 times the number of episodes that a traditional broadcast TV network would, the number of employment for animators, background artists, post-production craftspeople, and others hired to work on these series goes up.

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Bardel Entertainment, a Vancouver-based animation studio, has also profited from the surge, with president Barry Ward saying that “The sheer number of material that SVOD has spawned is incredible.”” He went on to say, “It’s absolutely transformed our studio.” “Netflix has practically doubled our work.”
In order to compete with the main terrestrial entertainment firms, Netflix and other streaming services want high quality work with budgets that are “as high or greater than what you find on TV.” “It’s been extremely beneficial to the industry,” he continued. Everyone in the industry is happy because the situation is favorable. They’re producing a ton of animated content for SVOD businesses.

Animation commission up 63% between 2019 and 2021

As demand for VOD services grows, more animation is commissioned, increasing the availability and diversity of animated programs accessible. This has resulted in a larger and more diverse audience. Adult animation has been more accessible and diverse since 2018.

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Additionally, many of the hazards and expenses associated with live-action production that have risen as a consequence of the epidemic do not apply to animation. A number of high-profile franchise spin-offs have been transformed from live action to animated shows in the current wave of animation commissions. This trend has carried over to the film business, with Netflix planning an animated spin-off feature based on its popular program “The Witcher.” Being a member of well-known franchises ensures that these games will get a lot of attention. They will also expose new audiences to non-comedic animation genres, extending animation’s cycle of growth.

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Animated series commissions are on the rise, as is the number of titles available on Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max and other SVOD platforms.  According to Ampere Analysis, original animation commission increased 63 percent during the first quarters of 2019 and 2021 in the US and the UK. Increased original commissions and expanding animation libraries on Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, and other SVOD services indicate a growing interest in the format. These trends show that the genre is popular with viewers.


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