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Netflix and Disney Plus are competing each other by offering on-demand streaming services. Netflix will keep creating original content that appeals to a wide range of audiences, while Disney will focus on family-friendly content from its Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel studios. After all, there’s nobody who doesn’t likes superheroes or anthropmorphic creatures. And you won’t find shows like Netflix’s House of Cards on Disney+.


When it comes to new entrants, Netflix is the one to beat. Because to its massive subscriber base (now over 200 million) and extensive content catalog, Netflix is attempting to establish an original content library in order to avoid onerous licensing agreements and high distribution fees. Since franchises are the company’s biggest challenge.

Netflix’s hefty US$15 billion content budget easily outspends Disney. Netflix has generated some must-watch titles including Orange is the New Black, Arcade, Master of None, and Bojack Horseman. Not to mention over a hundred Emmy nominations for various shows and a recent Academy Award nomination for Incredible Roma.

League of legend arcane netflix animation series Netflix’s Arcane got very high rating of 9.3 on IMDB

From lucrative collaborations with Paramount and DreamWorks Animation to the acquisition of superhero comicbook business Millarworld in 2017, the company has done it all. Netflix’s advantage is likely to be its enormous volume of titles, which means it will likely have something for every subscriber.

Animated Series on Netflix

Among the SVOD services, Netflix is by far the most active developer of animated content. It outspends its competitors, spending an estimated $1.1 billion on animated originals in 2019 — more than Disney+’s whole original content budget for fiscal 2020. Netflix has attracted a diverse spectrum of great talent by paying creators handsomely and granting them significant creative flexibility. It is ambitious in both children’s and adult entertainment, and has demonstrated its dedication to animation by establishing a dedicated animation studio in Los Angeles.

netflix animated series exception

Netflix’s new anime series in 2022 – Exceptions

Through agreements with established production firms, the platform has demonstrated its ability to grow established brands. It has a close partnership with Aardman, as well as a multi-year agreement with Nickelodeon. It also supports a plethora of innovative concepts, as evidenced by the variety of its current lineup of preschool series. It has published two self-produced animated features, Klaus and The Willoughbys, both of which were nominated for Academy Awards, as well as purchasing prestige indie titles such as I Lost My Body (also Oscar-nominated).

League of legend arcane netflix animation series Netflix’s The Dragon Prince

Along with popular shows like Bojack Horseman, Netflix has produced a number of intriguing series for older audiences, such as Castlevania and Big Mouth, that are well worth watching. It’s also making moves for the anime industry, which is a market in which Disney does not compete; for example, it owns the global rights to the Studio Ghibli film library (excluding Japan and North America). The platform is also thinking globally, having acquired popular animation from nations such as China and Saudi Arabia as part of its expansion.


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Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

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