In a little more than a year, Disney Plus has racked up more than 85 million global subscribers. Unlike Netflix, which features genre-based categories for comedies, action, and drama, Disney Plus has buttons for five unique ‘channels’: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. The platform’s remarkable development and success to this point can be ascribed entirely to the unmatched power of Disney’s franchise brands.

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Disney’s strategy is to begin by marketing themselves as a family-friendly producer. This will increase the number of subscribers they have.

Disney + Animated films

The Walt Disney Company is the most powerful entity in Hollywood, and it is home to some of the world’s most well-known cartoon brands. Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, Blue Sky, The Simpsons, and, of course, Disney’s own unparalleled catalog are now available on Disney+.

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The House of Mouse is the embodiment of filmmaking-by-franchise, in contrast to its primary competitor Netflix, the self-styled champion of original ideas.

Still, Netflix has the most subscribers

Netflix added 37 million additional subscribers in 2020. Netflix became the first TV streaming service to reach 200 million global members thanks to exceptional consumer growth. Netflix, the market leader, has been focusing on building out an originals portfolio and has had a great content year.

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Still, Netflix has the most subscribers for following reasons:

  • Local original content: By introducing non-English content to English markets, Netflix creates tons of local original content that is subsequently made available globally. People are intrigued by this local original stuff, whereas Disney’s content is the same-old Hollywood formulas. The amount of Disney content available is limited and caters to a certain demographic. To compete with Netflix, they need a lot of diversity.
  • Technological advantage: Netflix has developed a lot of technology to support their massive service. From datacenters to infrastructure, Netflix has established the basis in IT processes ranging from hardware to software development. Disney will need to invest heavily in technology and architecture to create a platform that can compete.

To conclude, if you’re not a die-hard Marvel fan or a parent in need of some Disney cartoons, it’s difficult to imagine Disney Plus becoming a part of your daily routine in the same way that Netflix has.


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