When will the Gabbys Dollhouse season 7 release date be? Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey, who had previously worked on Blue’s Clues, produced the live-action, animated, and interactive preschool series Gabby’s Dollhouse, which had its Netflix debut on January 5, 2021.

The sixth season of the show, which recently had its episodes debut on Netflix, features Gabby, voiced by Laila Lockhart Kraner, and her cat companions going on adventures inside her dollhouse. People are curious to learn whether or not the show will be renewed early.

Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date - Is it renewed?
Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date – Is it renewed?

Given that the network recently renewed a number of shows due to popular demand and expanded its library of original movies and shows, this interactive series does fall into this category because of its appeal to kids. It is similar to other preschool series on the platform, which is educational and a great watch for the viewers to learn from.

As a result, if you have a similar query, you have arrived at the right location. An overview of the series’ present standing contains all the information you require.

What is known about Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 is shown below.

Gabbys Dollhouse season 7 release date

Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date - Is it renewed?
Gabbys Dollhouse season 7 release date

The seventh season of Gabby’s Dollhouse has not yet been announced by the network as of November 1, 2022. At the time this article was written, the show had not yet received a renewal or cancellation for a further season. Whether there will be more animated programs on Netflix is something we won’t know for at least a few weeks, if not months.

Kico the KittyCorn, the sixth season finale episode, makes it very obvious that the season and all of its episodes ended on November 1, 2022.

Any news or updates on a potential seventh-season renewal seem much too soon for any major network to make such important statements in such a short amount of time, given that the program just finished its most recent season a few hours ago. Fans should therefore wait till Netflix formally confirms and acknowledges this information in the interim.

We appreciate your curiosity about the series’ upcoming events, but you should know that the network, particularly for a kid’s show, may assess the show’s effectiveness and audience reception before renewing it for more seasons.

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Release and time slots for Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 have been speculated

Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date - Is it renewed?
Release and time slots for Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 have been speculated

The projected release date hasn’t been made public yet. But if we had to guess when Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 might air, it might be around 2023, much like the previous seasons. It is anticipated that it will air on Netflix at the same hour of 12:00 AM (PT) or 3 AM (ET).

The official release date and hour for the show have not yet been confirmed by the streaming service, as was previously mentioned. The following season may thus follow a similar pattern and be released in a similar time frame if the network decides to remain with the same schedule. Fans should monitor the show’s social media accounts for any new developments up until that point.

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Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 Story

Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date - Is it renewed?
Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 Story

As we are all well aware, Gabby’s Dollhouse’s seventh season will likely focus on Gabby and Pandy Paw’s endearing journey full of happy and brilliant adventures as they move forward with their young lives. At the beginning of each episode, Gabby will be seen playing in her room as usual and will be seen opening a miniature.

Then, as her stuffed animal Pandy Paes comes to life, she dons her cat ears headband to be completely prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, and we get to see her dollhouse adventure.

Like most preschool and animated children’s programs, Gabby’s Dollhouse has built-in silences that allow viewers to engage with the characters as they watch the program.

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Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 Trailer

Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date - Is it renewed?
Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 Trailer

Talking about the seventh season teaser of Gabby’s Dollhouse may seem a bit out of place given the lack of formal announcements or information regarding the renewal and release date. It’s possible that Netflix may formally announce when the show’s trailer will be released. Any news or information pertaining to the trailer for your favorite children’s web series will be kept in the loop by us.

The trailers for all six seasons of the animated, interactive show Gabby’s Dollhouse are available online on YouTube for anyone who hasn’t heard of it or hasn’t begun watching it yet.

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Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 Voice Cast

Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date - Is it renewed?
Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 Voice Cast

You should be aware that the network hasn’t yet released any fresh voice-casting announcements. This information shall be made public before the beginning of the next season. In the meanwhile, it’s believed that the following key cast members will reprise their prior seasons’ roles:

  • Laila Lockhart Kraner provides the voice and portrayal of Gabby, a 12-year-old girl who can shrink to the size of a toy thanks to a magical cat headband.
  • Floyd is Gabby’s actual tabby cat, and he only makes an appearance in the live-action scenes.
  • Tucker Chandler lends his voice to Pandy Paws, a Gabby Cat plush toy that is part cat and half panda. Gabby, who views him as her best buddy, enjoys his hugs.
  • Carlita, portrayed by Carla Tassara, is a purple and teal Gabby Cat who drives around the dollhouse while being half cat and half automobile.
  • Juliet Donenfeld provides the voice for Cakey, a white Gabby Cat that is part cat and half cupcake and likes to bake delicious snacks and goodies. When he laughs or spins around while crying, he can make sprinkles. Paddycake, Bakey, Flakey, and Marshapan are his four young cousins.
  • DJ Daniel James A lavender Gabby Cat named Catnip, spoken by Eduardo Franco, can extend his tail and legs and primarily utilizes them to play instruments. He also has a reddish-pink glittering sweatshirt on. He occasionally covers his eyes with a visor as well.
  • Donovan Patton’s CatRat is a blue stealthy Gabby Cat that appears in every space. He like all things sparkly and occasionally plays the bad guy.
  • Sainty Nelsen’s Pillow Cat is a multicolored Gabby Cat that is half kitty and half pillow. She enjoys creating stories and frequently takes naps.
  • Kitty Fairy, played by Tara Strong, is a pink half-fairy, half-kitty Gabby Cat with pink, clear, and green wings as well as a pair of antennae that resemble Wishberry blossoms and a flower crown. She uses her tail or watering can to perform garden magic.
  • The turquoise Gabby Cat known as MerCat, spoken by Secunda Wood, is a hybrid of a cat and a mermaid. She creates “spa-themed” science.
  • A cardboard Gabby Cat in the colors of pink and peach named Baby Box is voiced by Maggie Lowe. She enjoys crafting. She is the mother of Mama Box.
  • Mama Box, played by Tara Strong, is the mother to Baby Box and a fuchsia and peach Gabby Cat.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 Episode Count

Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date - Is it renewed?
Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 Episode Count

Although the precise number of episodes for Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 7 is yet unknown, we can expect at least 6 to 10 episodes with a length of roughly 25 minutes, just like the previous six seasons, which are unique from one another, assuming the show is renewed. In the end, everything relies on the message the show wants to provide its viewers during the upcoming season.

We advise viewers to be patient and follow the show’s social media accounts to be informed of such information.

Where to stream the new episodes?

Gabbys Dollhouse Season 7 Release Date - Is it renewed?
Where to stream the new episodes?

On October 17, 2022, Tiny Pop in the UK aired the show’s first linear episode. The entire prior run of episodes from the previous six seasons will also be accessible on the streaming service with a variety of membership choices. The series will also be exclusively available on Netflix. The Netflix streaming plan you choose will affect the video quality and the number of screens you can use simultaneously.

You may play mobile games and stream movies and TV shows for free with any of their services. It’s time to renew your membership plans, stream the series, and explore a different genre of TV shows and movies from the extensive library that the streaming service makes available to its subscribers based on their location and plan, which users can choose from in accordance with their preferences.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 6: A Quick Recap

Episode 1: A CAT-Tabulous Christmas: Merry Christmas, cats! Before they can grant Gabby and Pandy’s Christmas wishes, they must first assist Figgy the Elf in correcting her present-wrapping errors.

Episode 2: CatRat’s Puzzle Hunt: CatRat leads Gabby and Pandy on a treasure hunt through the dollhouse where they solve puzzles, participate in games, and discover enjoyable surprises.

Episode 3: Super Thinkers!: Gabby and Pandy discover how to use both their bodies and thoughts as they navigate a maze to become superheroes!

Episode 4: Paper Cup Popper: The pals get crafty, creating paper cup animal crafts, telling stories, and playing fur-tastic games after Gabby discovers a box of paper cups.

Episode 5: Dollhouse Dress-Up Chest: In order to assist her companions in finding solutions, Gabby uses the power of dress-up to journey to the Wild West, outer space, and even underwater.

Episode 6: Kico the KittyCorn: A baby KittyCorn who is a half unicorn, and a half cat named Kico must be cared for by Gabby and her friends on a rainy day until she can meet her family.


Above is some latest news about the Gabbys Dollhouse season 7 release date. In the end, the show is interactive, delivers just the right amount of cuteness, and does what it promises with a lot of love. If you have a toddler in the house, this is the ideal program for you to watch.

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