In this article, we will discuss what can we learn from the Owl House Season 3 poster. The Owl House Season 3 will debut on October 15, according to Disney. This will be the first of three lengthy specials that will make up Luz Noceda’s ambitious conclusion; the other two will air in 2023. 

The Owl house season 3 release date 2022

The first of the three final specials for the well-known horror-comedy animated series The Owl House on Disney Channel has received information, including a release date.

According to Disney Branded Television, the first special, “Thanks to Them,” will debut on both Disney Channel and Disney XD on Saturday, Oct. 15 at 9 p.m.

The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?
The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?

With the events of the Season 2 finale, “King’s Tide,” the special’s protagonist, Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nicole Robles), and her friends from the Boiling Isles, Amity Blight (Mae Whitman), Willow Park (Tati Gabrielle), Augustus “Gus” Porter (Issac Ryan Brown), and Hunter (Zeno Robinson), now find themselves “stuck in the human realm,” and they are prepared to take risks.

A rather eerie poster is also included, showing Luz and her pals in a graveyard with her mother Camila (Elizabeth Grullon), the fugitive basilisk Vee (Michaela Dietz), and the monster form of the former ruler of the Boiling Isles, Emperor Belos (Matthew Rhys). The following two specials’ specifics are yet unknown, however, it is known that they will debut in 2023.

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5 Things We Learned From The Owl House Season 3 Poster

The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?
The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?

Emperor Belos is even gooier than ever

I am certain that this first special will end with our core cast returning to the Boiling Isles because Emperor Belos is back and gooier than ever.

Even while it may seem impossible today, they will find a way back to stop The Collector and save their comrades. They are not alone in the human world, though. A slimy relic of Emperor Belos managed to slink back into his home world, as shown in the season two finale.

Since Philip Wittebane hasn’t visited his homeland in decades, it seems he thinks his magic will be strong enough to enslave people and establish a new standard. He has no chance, but that doesn’t mean he won’t pose a serious threat to our group of young people.

The poster suggests that Belos, a fascist dictator who we last saw as a small piece of slime, is capable of regaining his original form using nothing more than a small portion of his overall being. His lumbering presence can be felt behind all of our characters in the poster, hiding behind a combination of dense forest and rotting gravestones as the characters seem to be looking for him.

Either that or Luz and company are being hunted by a threat they currently have no means of overcoming. It looks like magic does actually operate here as well, based on the wand and talismans that are on hand.

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There certainly appears to have been a time jump

All of our characters appear older and more worn-down than when we last saw them, which is the first thing I noticed. Luz is wearing the t-shirt, jeans, and a few other oddities from her beta design, and her hair is noticeably longer and more unruly.

The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?
The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?

We’re definitely nearing the finish line now that I noticed she’s also donning a hat. Don’t even get me started on Amity’s origins, which is another nod to her initial idea.

Anyway, I believe that this is a nod to the past as well as a certain indication that our protagonist is maturing after returning home and having to deal with the fallout from leaving her mother behind and taking on Emperor Belos. We can clearly observe the emotional evolution that has always been a theme of The Owl House throughout this piece of art.

Hunter gets a new haircut, Gus is wearing a cap, Amity has longer hair and is wearing lovely overalls, and even Camila has grey streaks in her hair.

All of this suggests that after the Season 2 finale, a fair period of time has elapsed. At least long enough for the actors to orient themselves, don new clothes, and start to exhibit the effects of missing home comforts.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good time skip, and knowing that our heroes have been searching for a route home for weeks or months while Emperor Belos is working behind the scenes would only heighten the drama and give our witchlings a chance to connect with the human world.

While Hunter and Gus can become even closer friends, Amity will meet Camila. Consider Vee’s presence as well as how she will fit into the larger narrative now that Luz is back in the picture. So many inquiries!

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Hunter now has a new look!

Although I already addressed a number of physical changes, a special remark should go to our traumatized boy. In recent episodes, Hunter has endured more hardship than others. In addition to being the next in a long series of Grimwalkers cursed to die the moment he learned his actual destiny, he began as a loyal servant to Emperor Belos.

The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?
The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?

However, he was able to flee, start building a better life for himself, establish friends, and let go of his preconceptions despite having to start from scratch.

He still has a long way to go, and given that he disobeyed his master and sided with humans who want nothing more than to see him fail, he will be terrified when Belos comes knocking.

Also, check out the hair on our boy! It’s so much shorter and, regrettably, lacks a sloppy squiggle that we fell in love with for a full season. Perhaps it’s simply for the poster, but adjustments like this are frequently made on purpose – all the more so given the other minute but important elements on exhibit.

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The graves can lead us to our house

If I remember correctly, Philip Wittebane came from the human world centuries earlier, which means he was able to travel to the demon realm on his own initiative. Alternatively, he may have followed a curious visitor to the demon realm and ended up trapped with no way out (if so, please label me as a fake fan).

The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?
The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?

Given this information and the gravestones visible on the poster, it is possible that Luz is searching for a way to contact her friend from another world or for residual titan blood and magical hints buried in the soil and memories of people who have long since passed away.

It would explain the eerie atmosphere and why everyone is so alert and braced for conflict. Belos, who is also attempting to halt them, might have the same objective.

Spending the first special in the real world

This trio of specials is being distributed by Disney with obvious purpose. Even though the third season is being cut short, it is clear that Dana Terrace has unique plans for a show that deserves to run for a great deal longer.

I believe it’s appropriate to conceive of the three specials as three acts that will work to create a larger narrative since, when taken together, they will all be the length of a feature film.

The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?
The Owl House Season 3 Poster: What Can We Learn from?

Now that The Collector has mastered his newfound abilities, Luz, Amity, Gus, Hunter, and Willow are stranded in the human world with no means to save the Boiling Isles, which are probably on the verge of collapse themselves.

The first special will primarily take place in the human world, taking advantage of the time skip I previously described as our ensemble devises a plan and determines how to get home and save their friends and family. We left them standing helpless in the pouring rain with nowhere to go but the family Luz has been doing her hardest to avoid.

She now requires assistance and must persuade her mother that abandoning her once more is the appropriate course of action. We won’t feel the weight of this choice until we build ties and Luz expresses to Camila how much these new friends mean to her.

She didn’t flee because she detested her mother; rather, she did it because she felt unheard and that the only way to find herself was to leave the only family she had left in the hopes of establishing one that understood her. This tension, coupled with the loss of Luz’s father and a potential fracture within the Noceda family, has previously been discussed in earlier episodes.

Although The Owl House has often shown us that it isn’t afraid to explore trauma and consequence, if these specials are aiming to end on a high, we should brace ourselves for some tears. This is still a Disney show, so I don’t anticipate it to get too serious.

A last visit to The Owl House

The Owl House, which made its Disney Channel debut in January 2020, was created by former Gravity Falls storyboarder and DuckTales director Dana Terrace. It chronicles Luz’s adventures in the Boiling Isles as she studies being a witch under the disobedient Eda Clawthorne (Wendie Malick), despite lacking any supernatural powers.

For creating a diversified setting in 2021, the series also had the honor of earning the Peabody Award in the Children & Youth category.

Ironically, 2021 also marked the year that The Owl House’s third season, three specials, would be its final installment.

Later, Terrace herself would comment on the cancellation, “The Disney brand is ultimately managed by a small group of businessmen, and one of those men decided one day that [The Owl House] didn’t suit the “brand.” Because the audience is older and the tale is serialized, this particular guy doesn’t like it. I’m done now! Isn’t that strange? I feel like it really kicks me in the shins, grinds my insides, and boils my head. Although it stinks, it is what it is.”


Little is known about the forthcoming season and how it will unfold, except a brief synopsis provided by the official press release. However, the announcement was accompanied by a stunning the Owl House Season 3 poster that, in true Boiling Isles flair, is chock-full of overt and covert hints that give us something to ponder about.

In the first special, there might be a time jump, beta design references, more emphasis on eerie terror, and who knows what else.

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