Is Dragon Ball GT worth watching? It’s difficult to think that there was a significant period of time when there was no new Dragon Ball anime being produced. On February 26, 1986, the first episode of the original Dragon Ball series aired. It was an instant success and helped establish numerous shounen anime cliches that are still in use today.

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching? Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?
Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching? Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?

The sequel to that series, Dragon Ball Z, which debuted on April 26, 1989, was even more successful and is now regarded as one of the all-time best action cartoons!

Just a few months before the series’ September 13, 1996, American TV broadcast, on January 31, 1996, that series came to an end. As the authorized continuation of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super takes place both before and after the events of the series concluding episode.

However, did you know that this isn’t the first time a Dragon Ball Z sequel has been produced? That Goku’s adventures were resumed in another anime in 1996, and that series is still readily accessible to viewers today? You might be wondering what this show is about and whether it’s worthwhile to watch.

What is Dragon Ball GT?

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching? Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?
What is Dragon Ball GT?

The first installment of Dragon Ball GT, which followed Dragon Ball Z, aired on February 7, 1996, in Japan (one week after Dragon Ball Z had concluded). The series, unlike the first two, was not based on any of the manga works produced by the series creator, Akira Toriyama.

In actuality, Toriyama himself contributed very little to this series other than approving some plot points and creating a couple of the antagonists.

After 11 years of writing and developing Dragon Ball, Toriyama decided it was time to put down his pen and take a well-earned break. The problem was that Toei Animation wanted to continue the franchise because the show was still a tremendous success.

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching? Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?
What is Dragon Ball GT?

They persuaded Toriyama to grant them permission to produce their own follow-up, dubbed Dragon Ball GT (short for Grand Tour), in which they would pick up the story where Toriyama left off.

The saga of Goku, who was unintentionally wished back to childhood by the Black Star Dragon Balls, would thus continue in Dragon Ball GT. He, Trunks, and his granddaughter Pan then set out to explore the universe in pursuit of the Black Star Dragon Balls in order to fulfill his yearning to return to adulthood.

Along the journey, Goku and his friends will battle new foes, and find new powerups, and the series will come to a heartwarming conclusion with the final episode.

The series will eventually consist of 64 episodes and result in an infamous PlayStation game. Although the run was brief, Dragon Ball GT was well-known on online message boards for a while as the only Dragon Ball series that wasn’t (at the time) legally available in America, and it sparked a lot of discussion among fans over the show’s caliber.

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Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching?

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching? Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?
Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching?

Dragon Ball GT is, to put it bluntly, average at best. Five years after Dragon Ball Z’s conclusion, the anime picks up to reintroduce characters who have undergone unforeseen changes.

These characters unfortunately don’t feel like the same people that the last series focused on for 291 episodes because the changes are so drastic and lack context. GT glosses over why the Z Warriors changed into Z civilians.

The most notable casualty of this pattern is Vegeta. He has shaved his head, taken off his Saiyan warrior garb, and eagerly embraces an artificial metamorphosis in place of one that resulted from training.

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching? Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?
Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching?

The Prince from the last film in the trilogy, who survived solely on his Saiyan pride and underwent the best character development of any character, is not the same Prince now. He has almost completely become human thanks to GT, and just like Krillin and Yamcha, humans are only important for a finite period of time before becoming irrelevant.

Most notably, Goku accidentally wished himself back into a youngster and was forced to stay that way for the duration of the series. The attempt to arouse nostalgia for the first season was acceptable, but it went on far too long.

The series’ favorite Saiyan is a fairly undeveloped character who doesn’t grow much, therefore his never-ending drive to become more powerful fills that function. Making Goku weaker is the same as taking away all of his character growth, which makes the spectator question the purpose of all that occurred before.

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching? Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?
Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching?

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Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?

Yes, Dragon Ball GT has its advantages. Due to the Super Saiyan 4 transformation’s significantly distinct design from other Super Saiyan forms, its popularity has endured over time. The biology of Saiyans is a subject that Dragon Ball Z didn’t spend a lot of time on.

This incredibly recognizable appearance serves as a reminder of why Frieza names them monkeys in the first place, complete with a fur coat, wild hair, and tails.

GT ultimately addresses the misuse of Shenron’s authority by introducing penalties for excessive wishing. In the lengthy history of the series, Goku and the other Z Fighters have used the Dragon Balls far too freely. The wish-granting spheres have turned into a way to avoid punishment, so it’s tough to believe that anything significant has ever been at risk.

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching? Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?
Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?

Although the arc may have been carried out a little more effectively, having the Dragon Balls removed from the board to defend the Earth was a poetic finale to the series.

GT does Goku’s character credit in this regard for those Dragon Ball Super fans who long for the days when he cared about right and wrong or even his family.

The Saiyan evidently values having his granddaughter, Pan, back, since he spends a lot of time with her and she resents him for leaving to train Uub. Strangely, Goku’s desire to fight in this series doesn’t get the universe into trouble as much as his good intentions do, which is more than Super can say.

Like anything else, Dragon Ball GT has its good and negative points. Yes, things do become very awful. Any Dragon Ball media, however, is watchable media. The anime juggernaut, which is currently the 14th-most lucrative media series of all time, is as popular as ever, so now is the ideal moment to watch it again.

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Is it okay if I skip Dragon Ball GT?

Unrelated to Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga, Dragon Ball GT is a non-canon entry in the Dragon Ball universe. You can completely skip the entire 64-episode series because it is filler and has no bearing on the main story. Whether you choose to watch the entire thing or fast-forward is entirely up to you.

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Is Dragon Ball GT worth watching? Even while answers to questions like these are subjective, most people believe the answer is…no, it’s not very good.

There are many reasons for this, but some of the more prevalent ones are that the tone of the series is too inconsistent, it has a rocky beginning that tries (and fails) to mimic the more humorous aspects of the original Dragon Ball, and the battle sequences aren’t particularly exciting or interesting to watch.

Fans who had watched Goku mature into a man were upset when he was de-aged to be a child once more.

Overall, though, the reviews have been at best mixed over the years, and the show itself has had trouble with the ratings from the start. It’s even been claimed that if a video game hadn’t been in development at the time, the show would have ended sooner.

However, the studio allowed the game to be launched first by extending the run of the show. Although we shouldn’t base our opinions of a show’s quality on its marketing, the fact that it was postponed long enough to promote another product says a lot about how much love and care its creators and showrunners gave it.

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