How to earn money from Turbosquid? A digital media company called TurboSquid offers stock 3D models for 3D graphics to a range of markets, including interactive training, computer games, and architecture.

How to earn money from Turbosquid?

It’s easy to sell your work on TurboSquid. Simply create an account with us, it only takes a few seconds. Then, use our upload option to upload the artwork you wish to sell. Add descriptive keywords, a price, and any other files or information that will help you advertise your product using the product manager. And, certainly, if you so want, you can list things on TurboSquid for no charge.

When you’re done uploading your work, just click the Publish Product button, and your work will be online and available for purchase in a matter of minutes! In addition, it costs nothing to upload your work to TurboSquid.

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How do I add a model to TurboSquid?

After knowing how to earn money from Turbosquid, click on Upload Files under Main Product to upload the separate model archives one at a time. You must specify the version of the program and renderer you used to create each file for which a format has been specified.

Where is the member dashboard?

The Dashboard is a personalized location with access to crucial sales data and may be accessed under the “Member” section under Account in the Navigation Bar. The Dashboard will give you access to your SquidLevel advantages and special selling intelligence, including “top-selling” reports, the Affiliate Program procedure, and much more if you are a SquidGuild member.

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How do I see my sales?

In the Member tab’s Sales section, you may view your sales in real-time. This report includes a month-by-month sales summary as well as your account totals.

Please pay attention to any special messages from Accounting that might suggest you need to provide more information in order to be paid.

Does TurboSquid offer any means for artists to advertise their work?

Yes. You can link to any page at TurboSquid from your personal website using an Affiliate link, which is one method. Even if you didn’t directly link to a product, you will still receive a share of sales made as a result of links to your own products or searches. More details regarding the Affiliate program are available by clicking the Affiliate Info link at the bottom of your Member Dashboard.

Members of SquidGuild may also submit their models for the TurboSquid homepage’s 3D model feature and for publication in our customer newsletter. More details about submitting models for the homepage feature are available here.

What is the definition of power of attorney?

You automatically give TurboSquid Power of Attorney when you join SquidGuild. In this instance, the power of attorney only permits TurboSquid to act in your place if another website is impermissibly disseminating your 3D models.

Please get in touch with TurboSquid Support if you require more help with a takedown notice.

I see that one of my goods has been downloaded, but I don’t see any recent sales. Who downloaded it, and how can I tell?

Your Reports page, which you can reach from the Account pulldown button in the TurboSquid header, has a breakdown of your downloads. After then, you would click Downloads under Statistics.

How to earn money from Turbosquid
How to earn money from Turbosquid

There are two potential download causes listed under Reason:

  • Purchase from DATE: This indicates that someone who bought your content downloaded it. Remember that once a customer buys a model, they have access to download it whenever they want, so you might see downloads of things that were bought in the past.
  • Support: This indicates that a support agent from TurboSquid downloaded the model to help a user with a faulty file or conversion.

How may my product statistics be improved?

In statistics, there is a domino effect. Because more users will be viewing your products, as you increase the Small Preview count, the number of Full Previews, Shopping Cart additions, and Sales will also rise. Here are some potential ways to enhance the TurboSquid results that you can try out and see if they work:

  • Small Previews: Include keywords and complete each field in the technical description (to show up in advanced searches on things like polygon count).
  • Edit the tiny thumbnail in the full preview to showcase your product. Because the thumbnail is so small, you might wish to show a close-up of a more discrete area of your product.
  • Shopping Cart: You might wish to try to improve the caliber and quantity of the thumbnails and technical description if your product has a lot of Full Previews but few Shopping Cart adds.
  • The statistics’ date range can be narrowed to focus on certain time periods and track how developments impact activity.
  • Additional analytical flexibility is possible by sorting using multiple fields.

Can I give other people the rights to my material or my TurboSquid account?

The sale of members’ catalogs that have been transferred is neither facilitated nor prevented by TurboSquid. All contract, legal, payment, and tax matters must be handled entirely by the parties concerned.

When one party violates a separate rights-transfer agreement, disagreements over who owns the rights have previously occurred. If a dispute of this nature cannot be settled amicably by the parties involved, TurboSquid may, in its sole discretion, remove both accounts from the website.

TurboSquid will not offer support to either side in such a case. In order to prevent future issues like TurboSquid blocking an account for what appears to be a copyright infringement, it is in your best interest to contact TurboSquid support if you are a party to a rights-transfer agreement.

Members’ names and account histories on TurboSquid are not solely their own, even though they own and are free to sell the content they create. TurboSquid will permanently ban all associated accounts if it comes to our attention that a member is involved in the transfer of a shell account.

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