New Gods: Nezha Reborn, a Netflix Original Film, was directed by Zhao Ji and written by Mu Chuan. The film was inspired by the Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods, drawing heavily on pan-Asian folklore and mythology to tell its story.

The Gist of Nezha Reborn animation film

This story is about a reincarnation of the deity Nezha, a well-known character in Chinese media. That is only the beginning. Nezha has been the subject of numerous TV series, live-action adaptations, and animated films over the years, with this being the most recent.

New Gods: Nezha Reborn trailer

We are whisked away to a dieselpunk planet, where we meet courier Li Yunxiang. Yunxiang’s mission is to steal water from the Dragon Clan in order to provide water to the population in a world where water is scarce. Ao Bing, the Dragon Clan’s third son, soon discovers that he has him in his sights. Not so bad if Yunxiang was not the reincarnation of Nezha, the powerful god who is a thorn in the side of the Dragon Clan’s existence. However, it is. As a result, Yunxiang is forced to go deep within himself in order to channel energies that he has only recently discovered lying dormant within. To save his family, he must use his superhuman abilities to become the superhero he was always meant to be.

New Gods: Nezha Reborn has a lot of flair, much like seeing Spider-Man rediscover what he is capable of again. Some of the architectural choices in Donghai City can only be found in CG-animated movies, and some of the features of dieselpunk, which is a rare choice in action movies nowadays, are very interesting.

In Donghai City, motorbike racer/smuggler Li Yunxiang (Stephen Fu) discovers he is the newest reincarnation of the shaman deity Nezha. Yunxiang must fight off the Dragon King Ao Guang (Andrew Kishino) and his Ice-wielding Son Ao Bing as he learns to control his new fiery powers.

Synopsis of Nezha Reborn animation film

You are missing out if you have never been to Donghai City. The character designs are visually stunning, especially Nezha, who is brimming with strength and trying to find a way to harness it while realizing his full potential.


Just as the heroes are endearing, the villains are, well, villainous. There is a satisfying dance between good and evil, themes of identity and destiny, and a lot to learn about the interactions of groups that would otherwise clash.

Light Chaser Animation Studios – Chinese animation studio

Over the last few years, Chinese animation, or donghua, has grown in popularity, producing films with stunning animation that can rival even Disney’s multimillion-dollar budgets while telling stories that we do not usually get from Hollywood. Netflix has released a new version of the legend of the trickster child-god Nezha as a follow-up to Ne Zha. While the plot of New Gods: Nezha Reborn is well-known, it is set in an intriguing dieselpunk setting and is realized with excellent animation.

The latest film from Light Chaser Animation and director Zhao Ji takes place in the fabled city of Donghai, where gods walk among humans of various civilizations and water has become more valuable than gold. The video begins with a frantic bike race through an industrial complex in which contestants have large foundry flasks full of molten metal dumped on them as they race through the facility.
Light Chaser also creates a distinct group of enemies for Yunxiang. As a result, Yunxiang’s Nezha aura is a massive fiery entity, with waves of fire and heat surrounding his body.


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