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Disney Animation Studios created Raya and the Last Dragon and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributed it in the United States. It was released on March 5, 2021. Raya and the last Dragon is the 59th animated feature of Disney Animation Studio.


To preserve her divided home world from a devouring plague, Raya, a warrior princess, must track down the legendary last dragon. Her colorful band of misfits accompanies her as she travels through Kumandra’s lands. Namaari, Raya’s lifelong foe, is on their tail. Raymond and the Last Dragon is situated in Southeast Asia, which is reflected in the scenery and culture. The Nāga are a serpentine race found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, and Sisu is fashioned after them. So as to honor the culture of Southeast Asia, the studio created the Southeast Asia Story Trust, a group of experts from several professions, including visual anthropology, linguistics, botany and martial arts.

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The orb was used by Sisu to vanquish the Druun, who turned all the dragons except Sisu into stone. Sisu then vanished, and Kumandra was split into five different lands: Heart, Fang, Tail, Talon, and Spine. To protect the orb from anyone who wants to possess it, the Land of Heart took custody of it. Five centuries later, the current chief of Heart, Benja, summoned all of the other tribes to his home in the hopes of finally resolving the conflict between the two tribes.


To begin with, Benja’s plan seems to be going well, as everyone seems to be getting along. However, everything goes awry when Princess of the Fang Land (Namaari) tricked Benja’s daughter (Raya) into showing her where the orb is located.

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Benja intervenes as they begin to battle over the orb and offers them the chance to ultimately unite and restore Kumandra to its former glory. After being hit by an arrow, the orb breaks into five parts as the tribes struggle over it.

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The Druun reemerge when the orb is destroyed, and the tribes separate and leave the island. Along with Raya she is carrying her father, who has been injured in an accident. Benja, on the other hand, informs Raya that she must save herself by gathering the orb fragments. Raya is forced to flee as her father and a large number of his citizens are terrified by the Druun’s appearance. As a result, Heart has become an island that has been left to itself.

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Fortunately, Raya and her new friends Boun from the Tail Land, Noi from the Talon Land, and Tong from the Spine Land, as well as Namaari, who regrets causing all of this to happen, had managed to put the orb back together six years after the accident. As soon as the pieces are reunited, the Druun vanishes for good, and a magical rainfall reverses the Drunn’s spell, restoring everyone who was turned to stone back to normal.


Raya and the Last Dragon was widely praised for its aesthetics, characters, world-building, and voice acting, among other things.
Rotten Tomatoes reveals that 95 percent of 276 critics gave the a positive review, with an average rating of 7.70/10. Raya and the Last Dragon is described as “another brilliantly drawn, skillfully voiced piece made by Disney” by the website’s critics. A weighted average score of 75 out of 100 based on 46 critics indicates “generally favorable reviews” on Metacritic for the movie. “A” is the average grade given to the film by the audience polled by CinemaScore on a scale of A+ to F.


In the fantasy land of Kumandra, humans and dragons coexisted peacefully for a long time. The dragons, however, sacrificed themselves to defend humanity when an evil power loomed. Raya, a lone warrior, must find the legendary last dragon and bring peace to the fragmented kingdom and its split people 500 years later. On her adventure, she would realize that saving the world is going to require more than just a dragon. It would also require trust and teamwork.


When it came to creating a Kumandra kingdom, the film’s crew traveled around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam in order to study about the traditions of those countries. Male. This pet pangolin named Tuk Tuk accompanies Raya on her travels. Pangolins are a type of animal that is found throughout Asia. Pangolins are becoming increasingly scarce and need to be protected in the area.

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Defensive choices were made by the film crew when it came to using recognized sounds such as drums and trumpets, as well as colors from Southeast Asian culture.




Dragons sacrificed themselves to preserve humans when an evil force attacked the kingdom. It is been 500 years, and the terrible force is back in town. Viewers will be taken on a thrilling and epic journey in the fantasy land of Kumandra, where humans and dragons have coexisted peacefully for a long time.

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