In 2023, there are several animation studio jobs that are expected to be in high demand. From traditional animation techniques to cutting-edge computer-generated imagery, the industry is seeking skilled individuals to bring their creative visions to life.

In this article, Animost will explore the top 10 animation studio jobs that are projected to be in high demand in 2023, offering insights into the skills and qualifications required for each role, as well as the current job market trends and future career prospects. Keep reading to discover!

Top 10 Animation Studio Jobs

Top 10 Animation Studio Jobs
Top 10 Animation Studio Jobs

Here are ten jobs that you can do in an animation studio:

Animation Casting & Talent Manager

An Animation Casting & Talent Manager is a professional who works in animation and is responsible for managing the casting and talent aspects of animated productions.

Their role is to identify and recruit voice actors, character designers, and other creative talent required for the production of an animated project.

The Animation Casting & Talent Manager works closely with the production team to understand the vision and requirements of the project and then searches for the talent to fulfill those needs. They may also negotiate contracts and work with agents to secure the best talent for the project.

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Animation Writer

An Animation Writer is responsible for creating and developing the storylines, characters, and dialogue for animated productions. 

Animation Writer
Animation Writer

Animation Writers must have strong writing skills and be able to develop complex characters and compelling storylines that resonate with audiences of all ages.

They must also be able to work collaboratively with other writers, artists, and producers to ensure that the animation is consistent with the overall vision of the project.

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Animation Technical Director (TD)

An Animation Technical Director (TD) works in the animation industry and is responsible for the technical aspects of the production process. Their main role is to ensure that the animation software and tools are functioning and that the artists have the support they need to create the desired animation.

The Animation TD works with the animation team to troubleshoot technical issues, provide technical support, and develop new tools and workflows to improve the production process.

They may also collaborate with other departments, such as lighting and effects to ensure that the animation is integrated seamlessly into the final product.

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Storyboard Artist

A Storyboard Artist is a professional who works in the animation industry and is responsible for creating visual representations of the script and story ideas for an animated production.

Storyboard Artist
Storyboard Artist

They work closely with the animation writer, director, and production team to develop the overall visual style and direction of the project.

They create sketches and drawings that depict the action, camera angles, and dialogue for each scene, providing a blueprint for the animation team to follow.


An animator is in charge of bringing characters, objects, and environments to life with movement and expression. They collaborate with the creative team to develop the project’s visual style and direction and then use various animation techniques and software to create the final product.

Animators must have strong artistic abilities and a thorough understanding of anatomy, motion, and timing. They must be able to animate characters with believable and expressive movements that convey their emotions and personalities.

Character Designer

A Character Designer specializes in creating and designing characters for different types of media, such as video games, animation, comic books, and movies.

Character Designer
Character Designer

They are responsible for the appearance, personality, and overall design of characters and work closely with writers and directors to ensure that the characters align with the project’s vision and tone.

Character designers require excellent drawing and illustration a deep understanding of anatomy, proportion, and design principles.

They may use various software tools and techniques, such as digital drawing tablets, 3D modeling software, and animation software, to create and refine their designs.

Successful character designers are often imaginative, creative, and able to work collaboratively with other members of a creative team.

Art Director (AD)

An Art Director (AD) is a professional in the animation industry and is responsible for overseeing the visual design and direction of an animated production.

They may also collaborate with other departments, such as animation, lighting, and effects to ensure the final product is cohesive and visually appealing.

Background Artist

A Background Artist creates the backgrounds and environments for an animated production. They work closely with the Art Director and creative team to develop the overall visual style and direction of the project.

Background Artist
Background Artist

Background Artists must have strong artistic skills and be able to create detailed and realistic backgrounds that enhance the storytelling and mood of the animation. They may use various techniques, such as digital painting or traditional hand-drawn methods to create the final product.

Concept Artist

Concept artists use their creativity, artistic skills, and knowledge of design principles to create illustrations, sketches, and digital paintings that represent the visual style and concept of a project.

They may be responsible for creating characters, environments, objects, and other visual elements that help bring a story or concept to life.

Concept artists must be able to work collaboratively and communicate their ideas effectively to other members of the creative team. They often work under tight deadlines and must be able to adapt to changes in direction or feedback from clients and project leads.

Concept artists typically have a background in fine arts, illustration, or graphic design and may use various software tools and techniques to create their designs, such as digital painting software and 3D modeling programs.


A Compositor is a professional in the field of visual effects (VFX) who is responsible for taking different elements, such as computer-generated images, live-action footage, and animations, and combining them into a seamless and visually cohesive final product.


They work in the post-production phase of film, television, and video production to create the final visual effects seen on screen.

Compositors must have strong skills in visual storytelling, color theory, and composition to create a believable and visually stunning final product.

They work closely with other members of the VFX team, including 3D artists, animators, and matte painters, to ensure that all elements of a shot are integrated seamlessly.

Effects Technical Director (FX TD)

FX TDs use specialized software and tools such as Houdini, Maya, and Nuke to create and integrate their effects into the final product.

They must be able to work under tight deadlines and collaborate effectively with other members of the VFX team to ensure that their effects work seamlessly with other elements of the production.

Successful FX TDs are often detail-oriented, analytical, and excellent problem-solvers. They may have a background in computer science, physics, or mathematics, and must have a strong understanding of 3D graphics and animation.


What Is The Highest-Paying Animation Job?

An animation director is responsible for overseeing and directing the overall animation process, including managing teams of animators and ensuring that the animation meets the creative vision of the project. The average annual salary for an animation director is around $120,000 to $150,000.

What Animation Jobs Are In Demand?

The demand for different animation jobs can vary depending on the industry and current trends, but there are several animation jobs that are consistently in demand.

Some of the most in-demand animation jobs include Animation Casting & Talent Manager, Animation Technical Director (TD), and Animation Writer.

Can Animators Become Rich?

Yes, they can. Visual development artists, character technical directors, 3D modelers, animation art directors, and forensic animators are among the top five in terms of pay. So an animator can be wealthy!


The animation industry is a rapidly growing and exciting field, with numerous opportunities for talented professionals to pursue rewarding careers.

The top 10 animation studio jobs that are in high demand for 2023 offer a diverse range of roles, from storyboard artists to character designers, animators to technical directors, and more.

As technology continues to advance and new platforms for animation emerge, the industry is poised for continued growth, and these in-demand jobs are likely to remain essential for many years to come.

By building the necessary skills and staying up to date with industry trends, aspiring animation professionals can position themselves for success in this dynamic and creative field. For more information about the animation, please visit Animost!

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