New technology has advanced the process and quality of movie making industry. Many observers say that this is one of the industries regarded to be the field of new tech blooming. Demand for animation series and 3D scenes is increasing more than ever. Meanwhile, the supply side reacts with the demand for quality and speed by stuffing new quality technology. Namely Unreal Engine and Motion Capture. As a result, real time 3D animation production was launched and resolve the demand quiz.

Growth in 3D animation demand

Demand and expectation for 3D animation production has also grown bigger and bigger in recent years. Netflix has become the video streaming service with most growth globally. To keep some of its audience engaged, Neflix recently committed to on air six animated features a year. Comparing to the time of Toy Story, that’s sound impossible for Netflix ambition. Since at the time of Toy Story, with traditional approach and the best talent of animation industry, it took the team even 5 years to get the animation alone  ready to go to the big screen. It just proves a fact that what can’t be done by a human can only done by high tech.

The areas of 3D animation has been expanding so rapidly year after year. This leads to a results that animation production companies are reporting a growing need for skillful animation and 3D production related artists. Capable 3D animation production studios are ceaselessly rolling out red carpet for the best talents in this field. They invest hugely in these talents. From story artists, to concept development, asset creation, animation, composting, layout and lighting… Anybody with an interest in any of the roles in animation production. No matter how much experience the candidates might have.

There’s just a lot going on in animation services businesses. Many of the best 3D animation production studios are looking for producers, pipeline crew, motion designing, lighting, compositing, modeling, rigging, 2D/3D animation and FX. There’s now a high awareness factor of the power of real-time through the use of new technology such as Mocap and Unreal Engine. And therefore a higher need for artists with those skills to work on real-time projects.

New technology enable 3D animation studio to produce high quality in real time

According to Inspiration Tuts, the “mind-blowing” animation films are the best 3D animated of all time. They are in the list below.


Top 10 3D animation Movies

They are by far the best fantasy, sci-fi, and action-packed films according to many reviewers and audiences all over the world. These films were made with, among other tools, Unreal Engine and Motion Capture.

Adopting Motion Capture and Unreal Engine for creating animation series leads to minimizing the effort and post-edit that traditional studios have to suffer. Many studios that have been traditionally involved in game cinematics, are now working on an animated series for Netflix. To solve the high demand of producing high quality animation at the shortest speed, these studios are all utilizing Unreal Engine. This engine has eventually become the backbone of 3D animation production.

New kinds of production means new opportunities, too. Mocap is another production advantage that the best 3D animation production studios has adopted and enhanced. Now these studios are directing and motion capturing the performances for their client, who could watch and co-direct remotely in real time. Again, it just proves a fact that high tech makes out-of-imagination things possible.

Real time production give animation production Studios a lever

Indeed, the ‘real-time’ has brought with it new opportunities besides animation. This is especially true with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Both AR and VR rely heavily on real-time tech. Several VFX and animation studios already started to provide a wider array of services. Namely extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), real-time virtual production and games. These animation studios have found themselves busier than ever.

Growing demand for 3D movies and contents has significantly enhanced and fueled new and quality production technology adoption. Another good news is the maturity in capacity and skillfulness of 3D animation production studios regarding speed and quality. The demand calls for urgent and fierce change in this industry. It sets a new trend of going from home-grown capacity to a partnership with capable 3d animation production studios, either local or overseas. The good news is with new technology of 3D animation production, cooperating with studios in another continent doesn’t hinder the project progress as it used to in the past.

Animost – Vietnam Real-time 3D Animation Studio utilizing Unreal Engine and Mocap

As a real time 3D animation studio utilizing Unreal Engine and Mocap, Animost Studio commits to boost animation production quality and speed at the same time. We aim to help fellow studios and partners produce animation content faster and better. Working on multiple projects using Motion Capture and Unreal Engine in a real-time pipeline, we have been able to achieve 2X ~ 4X production rate in comparison to traditional approach. Applied Motion Capture & Previz with 60+ Optitrack cameras plus Faceware HMCs, we are proud to be one of the studios with largest motion capture facilities in South-East Asia. We serve for various mocap-related needs of regional, continental and across-continental clients.


In short, innovation via new tech isn’t the only trend in banking and finance industry. It’s the key component that boost production quality for 3D animation content development. Specifically, technology has offered 3D animation production studios new ways to produce better content with shorter time frame.

Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

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