This article is the latest news about Cartoon Springboard 2022 Project Pitches Madrid. After three grueling days of seminars, project pitches, and networking opportunities, Cartoon Springboard, one of Europe’s major pitching occasions for up-and-coming artists, came to an end last week. It was held in Madrid for the first time this year.

This year’s Springboard attracted 169 participants from 24 different nations. Thirty-eight people attended as representatives of the 26 projects that were pitched, and 26 experts from production companies, broadcasters, and platforms across Europe were also present. They were brought in to assess the pitches, make recommendations, and perhaps even get involved with the projects that they liked the best.

Three of the present experts would take the stage following each project pitch and give mostly equal amounts of praise, criticism, and advice. After their comments, the audience, which mainly consisted of fellow pitchers and pros, had the opportunity to offer their own questions.

This year, the organizers chose more than half of the presentations that were comical in nature. Eight animation projects that placed a stronger emphasis on communities and groups than on lone heroes were also chosen. Of course, there were also projects with a stronger emphasis on action, drama, and heavier subjects like racism, sexual identity and orientation, mental health, and immigration.

There was an increase in the number of female creators participating in Cartoon Springboard 2022. A steady progression for the program and how young women may advance in the animation profession, according to Springboard, is shown by the fact that 44% of the pitches were from female creators and 42% of the directors were female.

We examine four of the pitches from Cartoon Springboard’s first day of pitches that particularly stood out to us below.

Cartoon Springboard 2022 Project Pitches Madrid

Surkotés (Belgium)

  • Director: Baami-Bandema Mpoza Godfrey
  • Writers: Nicolas Laasman, Martin Delporte, Emin Ben Kaddour, Pablo Exposito Lopez
  • Format: A 2D animated web series is included in the transmedia.
  • Looking For: producers, partners, and to add fresh talent to the group, particularly women

Surkotés, which has four episodes already available on YouTube, was the most advanced idea we saw pitched. It experimented with numerous forms of interactive and passive media. Boniface “Ben” Bourgeon, a student who recently moved into a “kot” – a sort of privately rented student housing in Belgium – takes the stage in the drama series.

With a cast of anthropomorphic characters there, including a demon, a lightbulb, and a boombox with a thick backside, he goes through the highs and lows of college life.

The show’s aesthetic decision – made by professionals Mark Cumberton from Jam Media, Balint Gelley from Cub Animation, and Dario van Vree from Studio Pupil – features 2d animated characters over live-action settings.

The dearth of female characters and talent in the production’s background disenchanted the panel; presenters Baami-Bandema Mpoza Godfrey (director) and Martin Delporte (screenwriter) assured the audience that they are acutely aware of the problem and are striving to address it as quickly as possible.

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9 Million Colors (Czech Republic)

4  Best Cartoon Springboard 2022 Project Pitches Madrid
9 Million Colors (Czech Republic) – Cartoon Springboard 2022 project Pitches Madrid
  • Director: Bára Anna Stejskalová
  • Producer: Bionaut Animation with co-producer Divize
  • Format: Stop-motion musical short
  • Looking For: Post-production services, cinematographer,  co-producers, broadcasters

The intriguing aquatic invertebrates known as mantis shrimp are some of nature’s most vibrant species. They can see into the UV spectrum because they have more photoreceptors in their eyes than humans. They glow actively during the mating process.

Bára Anna Stejskalová (Love is Just a Death Away), the author of Nine Million Colors, used these characteristics as the visual inspiration for her ambitious stop-motion musical about one of these shrimp who befriends a blind fish. The project’s teaser gave a totally distinctive concept while experimenting with light and color.

The film’s inventive use of light to create a bright underwater scene was praised by pitch panel experts Cristian Jezdic of beQ Entertainment, Corinne Kouper of TeamTo, and David Jabrane of France Télévisions. Their main worry was a mismatch between the intended audience of the short and the occasionally violent content of a harsh undersea habitat where animals routinely dismember one another for their own benefit.

Perhaps the project isn’t entirely appropriate for young children, or perhaps it will be received differently in nations where children are exposed to particular themes at a younger age.

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For an Hour and a Half 

4  Best Cartoon Springboard 2022 Project Pitches Madrid
For an Hour and a Half – Cartoon Springboard 2022 project Pitches Madrid
  • Director: Marie Derambure
  • Writer: Paco Moccand
  • Format: 2d animated series

A practical collection of short films called For an Hour and a Half is set on the French train ride from Perpignan to Montpellier. A traveler making the journey could conceivably view the full episode while riding the train and finish it as they reached the last stop because each episode is scheduled to last the amount of time between the stops of the popular route.

Two young men who meet on a train and start a long-distance affair will be the subject of the television show. The other tries to persuade him that a love that lasts only a few hours may be just as joyful as one that lasts years because the former is newly single and doesn’t believe in short-term relationships.

Balint Gelley from Cub Animation, Lucy Pryke from BBC Children, and Dario van Vree from Studio Pupil all lavished praise on the series’ tightly wound storyline and colorful, striking visuals, which animator Marie Derambure says she’s tried to make as “basic as possible.”

The non-conformist nature of the series, with each episode being a different length, caused the panelists the most anxiety. Given that the aggregate length of the episodes would be 90 minutes, a feature might be created, which would be a more appealing format for platforms and broadcasters.

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Salty Banana (Croatia)

4  Best Cartoon Springboard 2022 Project Pitches Madrid
Salty Banana (Croatia) – Cartoon Springboard 2022 project Pitches Madrid
  • Director, Writer, Animator, Everything: Mihaela Erceg
  • Format: 2d animated web series
  • Looking For: Partners and artists to help with animation

This is not meant as a disrespect to the other pitches, but the final pitch of the day was the most well-liked and amusing. The judges praised Salty Banana inventor Mihaela Erceg’s stage presence, at which time it was revealed that she performs stand-up comedy in her native Croatia. Nobody was surprised because her pitch had the entire audience in fits of laughter from the very beginning.

A group of young women with food-related names who come from various, frequently tragic backgrounds are mocked by Salty Banana. The comic series, which draws inspiration from shows like Seinfeld and Friends, has an almost-sitcom structure, with each episode offering a fresh issue for one of the females, which the others assist her in resolving.

The main concern voiced by industry insiders Stephan Roelants from Melusine Productions, Fabian Driehorst of Fabian&Fred, and Daniella Gallegos of Tribes Media was that in the project information they had received prior to the pitch, some characters occasionally came off as a little too salty. They were confident, nevertheless, that Erceg would find the appropriate combination to make the show successful after seeing her tasty presentation.

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