One of the first questions people have when starting out in animation is what animation studio equipment you need should have. When contemplating sophisticated and fundamental options, it may be difficult to determine where to begin and what is appropriate. This article will offer you a fantastic starting point for the equipment you’ll need to start your animation adventure.

The Role of Animation Studio Equipment You Need

The Role of Animation Studio Equipment You Need
The Role of Animation Studio Equipment You Need

When applicable, having excellent physical tools in the form of hardware, as well as the best software you can find (and afford), is frequently the key to assuring a level of productivity in any business.

When amazing tools and equipment are combined with hard effort and perseverance, as well as a little talent, any individual animator or animation studio can achieve success.

Although the barrier to entry into the animation industry is low, with more animators entering the market every day, having the correct tools and equipment can do wonders for you and your studio.

To stay on top of the evolving animation industry, animators and animation company owners should endeavor to continually track technology changes.

The animation method has grown dramatically throughout the years, and so has technology. It can be difficult to choose the best animating tools for the job, but keep in mind that you are not alone on your trip.

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Animation Studio Equipment You Need

Animation Studio Equipment You Need
Animation Studio Equipment You Need

Animation Hardware

Small Hardware

When we talk about “Small Hardware,” we’re referring to the items that you frequently bring to work that you wouldn’t ordinarily store at the studio. Things you’d keep at home in case you needed to continue working. These are essential tools for any animator:

  • Stylus Pen: Drawing with a pen on paper is timeless, yet it is, unfortunately, becoming an outmoded medium in some circles. Every animator needs a stylus pen. Drawing on a computer or tablet with the proper software to make things easier is a skill you’ll need to learn sooner rather than later, and adapting to work in any studio is almost a requirement.
  • Graphics Tablet: Graphics drawing tablets are fantastic instruments for working in the digital animation industry. For a start to the world of digital animation, a small tablet is recommended, but once you’ve found your feet, you should upgrade to a larger tablet. Owning a studio allows you to offer specific graphics tablets to your colleagues, and knowing which brands are the best might be invaluable.
  • Animation Gloves: For individuals who labor long hours, drawing gloves have proven to be essential. They help you avoid excessive sweat on your equipment and reduce friction between you and your work surface. Natural oils produced by our skin will migrate to your working surface. Wearing gloves will help to avoid transmission while also providing comfort for your hands.

Large Hardware

When we say “Large Hardware,” we’re referring to furniture, the kinds of things used to outfit an animation studio that the individual animator doesn’t frequently have to care about.

  • Chairs

If you spend the majority of your day sitting, you should be as comfortable as possible. Individual animators and studio management must consider the physical consequences of working for years in an unpleasant position.

Large Hardware
Large Hardware

Not only should your chairs be comfy, but they should also be made to last. The last thing you want to be concerned about is constantly replacing furniture rather than completing storyboards on schedule (something much more important).

Not just any chair will suffice. You must consider how much the chair will move on its own, the angles at which the chair may sit, and other factors. Finding the best chair, on the other hand, does not have to be a tough task.

There are numerous internet retailers to choose from, as well as real furniture stores to visit.

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  • Desks and Drawing Tables

In the same way that you should consider purchasing adequate chairs for yourself and your coworkers, you should consider desks and tables created specifically for animating.

Large Hardware
Large Hardware

Because any old flat surface will not suffice, animators have evolved through time to use raised and tilted workstations to position their paper and tablets.

Some new desks are adjustable, making extended animating sessions even easier to manage. Keep ergonomics in mind as you think about these things, and you might find that decorating your animating space becomes a little easier.

  • A Meeting Room

Meetings can be a dreaded part of any job, but in a professional studio setting, having a space to brainstorm and discuss clients, pitches, and briefs can really help smooth the process.

Large Hardware
Large Hardware

Meeting rooms are frequently used to showcase the project’s progress and provide a venue for displaying animated segments, animation concepts, and animatics, as well as a variety of other items related to the current project.

Having clean and spacious meeting spaces is thus critical in ensuring that people are at least content to be there and can voice ideas and contribute in a safe and comfortable environment.

The need for meeting spaces may begin to decline as the world moves closer to hybrid and entirely remote working situations, but don’t throw away the meeting room just yet unless you find yourself working entirely away from other humans.

  • Computers

Computers and their individual components have become so immensely powerful in recent years that even a reasonably priced piece of technology can provide you with more than you need to get some fantastic work done.

Large Hardware
Large Hardware

At this stage, the choice between laptops and desktops is purely personal, while having a single large display, or numerous monitors, can greatly assist an animator’s setup.

  • Large Tables

Tables do not have to be spectacular or expensive, but they must be durable. Rounded tables are also useful for exchanging storyboards and screenplays since they allow everyone to see each other while discussing the project’s direction.

  • TV And Projectors

Having technology in the room can really aid in moving the discussion along quickly and successfully. A television with the correct connectors for connecting a laptop, or a smart TV that you can sync to your iPad or Tablet, can be extremely useful for sharing progress.

Animation Software

Animation Software
Animation Software

The productivity and usefulness of animation software have increased tremendously throughout the years. It is also much easier to find the proper software for you and your coworkers.

Animating Tools

When selecting appropriate software, there are several factors to consider, including animation style, available features, compatibility, and convenience of use, among many others.

Consider the following animation studio programs and applications:

  • Adobe Animate
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Autodesk
  • Blender
  • Flipbook 

Management Tools

Managing meetings, synchronizing calendars, and arranging workflow across multiple animators can be difficult if you don’t have the necessary tools.

Working situations that are physically separated can make such things even more challenging, thus having good project management tools can significantly assist teams and people.

Consider the following management software and programs:

  • Trello
  • Workfront
  • Smartsheet

Where To Find Animation Studio Equipment You Need

Where To Find Animation Studio Equipment You Need
Where To Find Animation Studio Equipment You Need

The majority, if not all, of the equipment discussed in this article, is available in online stores. Sometimes you’ll need a professional opinion, which you can often find online, but talking to someone in person and trying hardware in-store can also be really beneficial.

Larger items of equipment, such as chairs and desks, can frequently be purchased in ordinary furniture stores, but for specialist equipment, you should do some research and consider investing a little extra to get the best.

But one thing is constant and certain: you must conduct a study! You should never rush into purchases, and with the great world of online shopping, you really don’t have to.

The fact that you are not alone in this vast world of apparatus is a saving grace. There are numerous animation studios that can help you with knowledge and perhaps put you in the proper way.

Networking is essential for community growth and is required for any studio owner; you cannot float alone in the ocean of animation.

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Above are some of the most important animation studio equipment you need. Don’t be worried if you find yourself reaching for your wallet to make some outrageously large purchases! You’re entering an artistic field, and working with the wrong tools can swiftly backfire. Good luck!

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