It is its customized methods and processes for handling the utilized technology that allow Animost Studio to execute and produce animation projects of higher quality at reduced costs compared to other competitors in Asian region.

First, quick look at Animost Studio’s production processes and improved motion capture that help animate characters efficiently in real time and at a lower cost.

How a shot is made at Animost



Mocap Session behind the Scene



Are you curious what are the departments behind the scene that help Animost Studio in producing efficiently 3D animation video with highest quality under tight deadlines and reasonable budgets? Now, let’s have a closer look at all our departments from behind the scene.

Animost Studio’s Story and Script Department

It is at this department that the ideal of characters and story development take forms, be debated and adjusted. This department must define the personalities of the characters and the moods of each act and scene. Also, in here the overall look and feel of the film is determined.




working for animation series project 4

Animost Studio’s Modelling and Layout Department

Following the development of the story, the elements for the animation project are prepared.

working for animation series project 3

The Modeling department is where the artists from the Story department’s vision come to life and take shape. Earlier illustrations will be molded into three-dimensional look and feel.


Developing 3d forms is one of the most complex and time-consuming parts of the development process.

working for animation series project

In order to do the task, skilled individuals with keen eyes, architectural aptitudes, and design abilities are required. Sculpted and rigged 3D elements are then utilized to create 3D environments for the action to take place in.

animost team working for animation series project

Animost Studio’s Character Animation Department

It is the gamut of emotions, as well as the expressions of the characters, that would bring the story to life. The characters’ facial expressions would be built from scratch. In other words, this department would be responsible for designing all of the characters’ facial emotions. It can range from major changes in a character’s body language to subtle changes in the expressions of characters. All of their works has to make sure cover for some cues that are really minor. Some cues are so subtle that they go unnoticed. Such as a little twitch of the corners of the lips or even a lifted brow, for example.

director and mocap artist_animation series project

Why there’s a necessity for these works? Because it’s is often the most candid, honest and natural facial emotions that contribute the most to make a character’s personalities distinct and memorable.


Animost Studio’s Lighting and Texturing Department

The divisions of texturing and lighting are putting the finishing touches on the reels that will be made available to the general audience.

real time render

Texturing and lighting are important in conveying a sense of realism to both the characters and the animation movie / animated film in which they appear.


animost team building 11

Animost Studio’s Research and Development Department

Animost studio develops its own cutting-edge solutions to fulfill the needs of its animation projects in the digital realm.

team meeting

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Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

animost team

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