What is the advantage of animation versus live-action film?

Animost Studio: It is a matter of appearance and style or aesthetics and taste. Styles may be encouraged in animated films that are more difficult to execute in live-action films. In other words, with animated films, you can promote certain techniques even though it would be more difficult to do so in live-action films.

What is the difference between small and large teams?

Animost Studio: Your film will get recognized based on the power of your idea or plot. In other words, the quality of your film’s idea or plot will determine whether or not it will be recognized. Regarding the size of the team, it doesn’t matter if you have a small or large team; what matters is whether the team members trust, communicate with, and complement each other in terms of attitude and talents.

What factor Animost studio consider as the most important component of filmmaking and animation production?

Animost Studio: Stories that come from the heart and are meaningful to the audience have a very strong probability of capturing the audience’s interest. So it doesn’t matter which media you choose. There’s one thing you must remember is that stories that come from the heart will be remembered by their audience.

Is it necessary to be familiar with a narrative / story before I can tell, convey or explain it?

Animost Studio: The ability to observe and listen is the foundation of filmmaking. Anyone starting out will never be able to claim to be an expert in their chosen field. They learn things as they go along with the filmmaking process. It is all about paying attention. It all boils down to careful observation and a willingness to go deep. You must be familiar with and comprehend the subject matter before you can tell a tale about it. You will not be able to complete the task with merely a basic understanding of the subject matter. So to be able to write a good narrative, you need to be familiar with and comprehend the subject matter. You will learn new things as they go through the process of creating the film.

What are Animost’s advices to a youngster who is attempting to get into the film and animation production business?

Animost Studio:

Firstly, it’s important to have a strong desire for it, because it may be a very difficult industry at times. You must have a strong desire for it. You must be passionate in order to succeed.

Secondly, just go ahead and do it. Make the choice, accept responsibility for it, and then take action. Nowadays, all you need is a phone. You must have the courage to go out there and start producing something to be successful.

In short, both confidence and desire are required, yet confidence might be difficult to come by at first.


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