In this article, we will discuss the things you need for a good game trailer. Trailers have been at the forefront of marketing and hype for video games throughout many gaming eras, and in recent years, they have become an even greater requirement for developers and publishers, with even countdowns and release dates for trailers becoming a hotly debated topic in the gaming world.

What is a good game trailer?

Things You Need For A Good Game Trailer - Ultimate Guide
Things You Need For A Good Game Trailer – Ultimate Guide

One of the most effective marketing tools you may have for your video game is the trailer. An effective trailer can make or break the success of your game’s debut, whether it’s a mobile, console, or PC game. In fact, adding a strong promotional video to your app store listing alone can increase conversions by 40%.

A well-made game trailer has the ability to evoke feelings, create anticipation, and offer gamers a tantalizing view into the plot and gameplay.

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Things you need for a good game trailer

Things You Need For A Good Game Trailer - Ultimate Guide
Things you need for a good game trailer

A ready game

To build a trailer based on it, you need a video game. Even while it should not be completely finished to launch, your game should be in the last phases of development. If your game is still only a concept, it will be impossible to make a realistic mobile game trailer. False promises and the dissatisfaction of users caused by lacking features will lead to an unsuccessful launch.

As a result, give attention to the game before making a trailer.

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A talented team

You must be able to divide the job apart when making a trailer. Making a trailer for a new game is not a simple undertaking. The outcome of your game depends on it. As a result, carefully select those who are knowledgeable about creating game trailers and determine their level of expertise.

Things You Need For A Good Game Trailer - Ultimate Guide
A talented team

Your concept will come to life in the greatest way possible with the right team. Bring everything together to finish the masterpiece once these masters have finished creating each element individually.

The team could include:

  • Voiceover artists
  • Video editors 
  • Motion designers
  • Music experts 
  • Marketing professionals
  • Writers
  • Storyboard creators

There are two ways you can put together a team. You may either choose people and give them tasks to do or pay a creative company to make a gorgeous trailer for you. Due to the difficulty in finding talented people, the first method takes time. Additionally, you risk misjudging or exaggerating someone’s ability and producing a subpar trailer.

Giving the job to a game marketing company that specializes in making game trailers is therefore secure. They would possess the expertise, abilities, personnel, and tools necessary to produce a trailer that accurately creates the scene for your game. You would save time and have no room for error if you did this.

You won’t be plagued by the anxiety of producing a subpar outcome. You will obtain the finest results from these companies because they are knowledgeable about the target market and have skills and experience.

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A goal

When making a video game trailer, having a goal is crucial. You should be able to properly describe what you want the viewers of your trailer to experience. A video game trailer’s main objective is to pique interest.

Things You Need For A Good Game Trailer - Ultimate Guide
A goal

However, only if you have a thorough understanding of your audience will your trailer be appealing to it. You will add the things that thrill people after you are aware of their preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Analyze your target market and their perception in order to build a game trailer that your audience adores. It’s crucial to know if they will comprehend the concept your trailer attempts to convey. If people will get the message of the trailer depends on factors like gaming background and cultural background. These elements will affect the design and idea of your trailer.

Choose the platforms where your trailer will be uploaded as well. This is crucial since your trailer’s content will be impacted by the platform’s rules.

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The right messaging

A trailer is enhanced with the correct messaging, which makes sure your intended audience gets what you’re saying. You can accomplish the purpose for which you produced the trailer by selecting the appropriate set of phrases.

Things You Need For A Good Game Trailer - Ultimate Guide
The right messaging

It will encourage your clients to make purchases and turn them from casual trailer viewers to loyal users of your game. Naturally, doing this will assist in bringing in steady income.

A compelling message will enthuse the players and motivate them to tell their friends and families about your game. People will describe your game using the same words if your message is on point, which will help others comprehend what your game is.

In your messaging, don’t forget to include genre descriptors. Because individuals typically enter their preferred genres when looking for games, this will enhance your game’s visibility. Avoid adding too much text to the trailer at the same time. Take a cue from movie trailers that only contain single words or one-liners.

A strong storyboard

Your guide to creating a trailer in the most effective and orderly way is a storyboard. Given that it is essentially a prototype of your trailer, it will provide you with a clear idea of the finished product. A storyboard is composed of various squares with images that represent each shot.

Storyboards are, in a sense, a comic book version of your videos because they also feature significant comments about what is occurring in the scene.

Because they provide a fundamental framework for the videos, storyboards are a need for producing interesting videos. Making a storyboard before making your game trailer will speed up the process because you’ll know exactly what scene comes next. Additionally, you will be able to identify which scenario is the most compelling and which requires improvement as you create the storyboard.

Another important point is that anyone can make epic storyboards; you don’t have to be Pablo Picasso. Keep in mind that storyboards are not intended to showcase or bemoan your drawing abilities. They provide the function of describing how each scenario might seem.

To speed up the construction of storyboards, you can download printable templates. Additionally, you shouldn’t stress about making your storyboards extremely detailed. It suffices to provide a brief visual description of the people and events in the frame.

Additionally, remember the following elements:

  • Timing: Make a time estimate for each portion of the video after you know what happened and when. Determine the length of the entire trailer as well. Game trailers should ideally last between 60 and 90 seconds. Stick to making a succinct trailer because viewers today have a shorter attention span.
  • Creative assets: Determine the artistic resources you’d require to give your game trailer life. Anything from voiceovers to visual effects to ambient noises can be included. If you include photos in your trailer, make sure they are captivating and maintain viewer interest. Creating a remarkable visual experience is essential to arousing curiosity. Lastly, list the group of individuals in charge of each creative asset. To minimize regrets, delays, and disappointments, always use pros.
  • A clear story: A gaming trailer is on par with a movie trailer! As a result, it must have a suitable start, middle, and end. The narrative of your trailer should be simple to understand and include information about the subject matter of your game. Make sure the narrative of the trailer is clear and doesn’t confuse the audience.

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A slew of inventive resources

  • Images: Include screenshots of your gameplay, various stages, and characters to give users a sense of what to expect. Your players will become enthused and be compelled to download the game as soon as it is released.
  • Gameplay snippets: Give your audience a glimpse of what it might be like to play your game. These observations also show that you value openness and provide your audience with a clear picture.
  • Sound bites: It is also crucial to include extra sounds to give the trailer a more genuine appearance. They frequently appear when characters move, eat, or engage in combat. The idea is to limit their use to highlighting actions or enhancing particular feelings. Avoid filling your trailer with too many of these noises.
  • Background music: Your trailer’s background music adds the much-needed savor and is the salt. The emotions you want your audience to feel are evoked by the correct music. Before beginning to create the animation, experts frequently select the background music. As a result, the animation can “dance” together with the music’s beat, creating an engaging experience.
  • Voiceovers: Voiceovers in video game trailers frequently heighten the audience’s feelings. If the narration fits with the trailer for your game, you can also include it. You have the option of doing it yourself or working with a pro voice actor.


Above is our recommendation of what we consider the most important things you need for a good game trailer. Hopefully, through this article, you have understood more about game trailers and can create the best trailers. Also, if you are looking for a studio that can help you create the most amazing game trailers, don’t hesitate to contact Animost!

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